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Truck Mounted Attenuators

Scorpion TL-3 Truck Mounted Attenautor

The Scorpion Truck Mounted Attenuator (TMA) is mounted to a shadow vehicle for purposes of protecting the work crew in front of the shadow vehicle and protecting the motorist that might drive into the lane closed off by the shadow vehicle.

The TMA is designed to conveniently fold up and over the truck bed during transport and storage. The compact design and balanced weight distribution makes it ideal for high-speed travel. Provides impact protection up to 100 km/h.

The strut section folds to a vertical position adjacent to the truck bed, while the cartridge section folds to a horizontal position parallel to the bed.

The Scorpion is hydraulically powered down to lock into the support brackets for high-speed travel. This feature also keeps the Scorpion TMA from vibrating during transport, minimizing wear and tear on pins, hinge joints and loosening of mechanical fasteners.

Scorpion’s low profile and open tubular design are beneficial in minimising wind resistance and drag, enabling you to drive at freeway speeds safely, as well as, increasing rear visibility.


The Scorpion TMA consists of strut and cartridge sections that are linked together on a support frame. The curved side rails are made from corrosion resistant aluminium tubes, which offer full width impact protection along the entire length of the TMA. The side rails were designed to re-direct errant vehicles away from the rear of the truck.

The aluminium boxes are filled with a moisture proof, aluminium honeycomb material. The boxes, together with the curved side rails, absorb the energy from an impacting vehicle.

The aluminum boxes are painted with a bright yellow powder-coated finish, for lasting durability.

Upon impact the Scorpion TMA crushes in progressive stages. When hit by a lighter vehicle, the impact will crush the cartridge section, allowing only the cartridge section to be replaced.

Incidental damage sometimes occurs during backing-up or turning corners. With Scorpion’s modular design and construction, only the portions of the TMA that are damaged need to be replaced.

Scorpion TL-3 TMA Model C (P/N 10000-TL3-24C)

Complete TMA with 90 Degree Folds (2), 24 Volt Electrical System, Hydraulic Motor & Cylinders, Center Mounted Support Post (1), Standard Reflective Sheeting Pattern.

100 km/h Test Level 3 – For Flat Bed Trucks

Damage caused to truck travelling at 100km/h
Minimal damage to truck and no loss of life

Type C LED 15 Lamp 
Flashing Arrow Sign & Hydraulic Vertical Lift

A Type C LED 15 Lamp Flashing Arrow Sign (2450mm x 1200mm) and Hydraulic Vertical Lift mounted between the truck’s cabin and the headboard of the tray facing rearwards. Includes auxiliary battery pack with battery isolator and hydraulic power pack.  


Automatic Impact Brake System (AIB)

Automatic Impact Braking System (AIB) is designed to be mounted to a Truck Mounted Attemuator (TMA) for use during slow moving or stationary operations.

When a vehicle impacts the TMA, the AIB system will automatically apply the rear brakes of the host vehicle, reducing the braking time to stop the truck.


Amber Truck-Mounted Variable Message Sign

Amber full-matrix display  

Programmed controller

Multiple alphanumeric fonts  

High-efficiency LEDs for high legibility

Energy-efficient operation

2440mm W x 1240mm H fixed VMS

Mounted at rear of truck


Colour Truck-Mounted Variable Message Sign

Five colour full-matrix display (Red, Blue, Green, Amber & White)

Full-colour touchscreen controller

Individual colour brightness control for improving contrast

Multiple alphanumeric fonts

High-efficiency operation

2260mm W x 1240mm H fixed VMS

Mounted at rear of truck

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