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Wanco Solar Speed Director

Vehicle Speed Display Trailer - Speed Director

The Solar Powered Speed Director™ is a portable speed display warning device advising drivers of their speed as they approach the sign.

The see-through design will not block the motorist’s view of pedestrians and children.


365 day programmable timer

Battery/solar powered

Lockable control box and battery box

One person able to easily set up and operate trailer

See-through trailer design keeps pedestrians visible

Retractable speed limit sign with Interchangeable speed limit numbers


School Zones

Residential Neighbourhoods

Pedestrian Black Spots

Construction or Work Zones

Modes of Operation

Sign Display

The Sign Display can be set to a desired speed, say 45 kmh. If a vehicle’s speed is 40 kmh the speed will not be displayed, therefore saving power.

Over Speed Flashing

The Sign Display will flash when a motorist exceeds this setting. For example, if the Over Speed Flashing is set to 50 kmh, if a motorist is driving at 55 kmh, the display will flash the speed of the vehicle indicating that the driver is speeding.

Extreme Speed

The main purpose of the Speed Director is to prevent people from speeding. The Extreme Speed will not display the speed of the motorist instead it will flash Corner Caution. This mode is designed to discourage motorists from driving even faster to see what the maximum speed of the Speed Director is.


The Speed Director is a fully contained trailer assembly designed for quick set up on site with a see-through design.

Supplied with 0-5, 4-5, 6-7 and 8-9 interchangeable digits

See-through design

Heavy duty trailer, tubular steel construction

50mm ball coupling

Lockable weatherproof control box

Lockable weatherproof battery box

Four (4) corner swivel jacks and tongue jack

Three (3) tie down loops

Retractable speed limit sign with interchangeable speed limit signs

Solar panel mounted above the speed limit sign, therefore not affected by shadows.

Axle lock bar. (Customer requires two (2) padlocks).

Spare Tyre


The radars (2) are safely housed inside the display box for protection from vandalism.

The radars detect approaching traffic only.

Power & Battery Charger

The Speed Director is powered from 2 x 6v 225 Ah capacity deep cycle batteries. The Speed Director is fitted with a 15-amp caravan plug for battery recharging using the on-board battery charger. The battery charger (25 AMP) has a 12 hour charge cycle and features an automatic shut-off facility. The display can operate for approx. 2 weeks (24 hours per day) on a fully charged battery set.

Data Collection

The Speed Director is able to record the speeds that motorists have been detected at. The data is recorded in a chart format, which shows the number of vehicles detected, the time they were detected, and also the speed in either instant recording format or 1,5,30 or 60 minute averaging format. A print out of this data is available in a report or can be exported into Microsoft Excel where graphs or charts can be produced if required.
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