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Solar Powered



The unit is a Radio Link, dual-trailer system designed for high-visibility signalling in applications ranging from construction zones and bridge repair to social events and emergency backup. The dual-trailer system allows the trailers to be connected together so that it can be towed as one individual unit.

This capability allows the unit to be towed by one person, in one ute/truck, to the job site. This same person in less then 15 minutes can disconnect the trailers, setting one at each end of the work zone, lower the outrigger jacks, then raise the mast. When the controller is turned on it holds the last mode of operation and the pre-programmed times, further reducing set up time.

The fully lockable steel enclosure protects the controller & batteries from the elements and vandalism and provision in rear of trailer for storage of removable tow coupling.

Each trailer component is fitted with the following

LED 200mm 3 Aspect Lantern

60W Solar Panels (Qty 2)

10AMP Solar Power Regulator

6V 210Ah Batteries (6)

Dual Voltage LED Tail Lights

Removable 50mm Tow Coupling

Each set of portables is supplied with

Cabled Linked Manual Controller (1)

On-board TRH-3 Charger Only (1) (TRH-3 Optional)

Electric Brakes (Master Trailer)

Electronic Brake Controller mounted in Master Trailer

Spare Tyre (1)

Benefits of LED Lanterns

Substantial energy and cost saving

Long reliable service life

Low maintenance

Complies with








Set of Radar Vehicle Detectors (2)

The detector is mounted above the red aspect and pointed towards the oncoming traffic. The detector has a single zone of detection stretching from the radar to typically 35m along the carriageway. The detection zone is such that only vehicles approaching the detector are detected and vehicles travelling away from the detector are ignored. Up to two lanes wide can be monitored.

TRH-3 Radio Remote Controller (1)

The Remote Control Unit lets you operate the system up to 1 km from the master control and features an LCD Display that operates up to 8 hours on an internal battery.

Set of Battery Chargers (2)

Each trailer is fitted with a 45AMP Battery Charger and External Power Inlet

Goose Neck Tow Coupling (1)

Set of Yagi Antennas (2)

Model 223L VHF, Lightweight 3 Element Yagi Antenna (151.4 MHz) is a lightweight aluminum antenna designed for point to point or directional communications.

Benefits of LED Lanterns

Stop Here On Red Signal 600x600 & Quad Stand (2)

Prepare To Stop 900x600 & Quad Stand (2)

Traffic Signal Symbol 600x600 & Quad Stand (2)

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