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Graco ThermoLazer Line Striping System

Graco ThermoLazer Line Marking System

The ThermoLazer features the first ever ride-on solution with the capability to connect to a Graco LineDriver. This provides superior handling, improved line quality and increased productivity. With the LineDriver attached, the user is less fatigued and will get the job done faster. This unit is the first striper with dual rear wheels and a single front caster wheel that provides LineLazer-like handling – the EasyGlide System.

Features include the ControlFlow System that allows for precise material flow control with a pull of a lever and PaddleMax dual paddle mixing system which improves mixing efficiency by 50%. Graco has also improved safety with such unique features as an electronic ignition system for simple starts, a SmartDie installation and removal system that allows for quick and effortless line width changes and a SpringGuard Protection System that fully protects the springs providing extended life.

Technical Specifications

Fuel: LP-Gas

Gas Supply Pressure: 250 psi (17.24 bar)

Kettle Burner Inlet Pressure: 11 in w.c. (2.7kPa)

IR Burner Inlet Pressure: 12 psi (.83 bar)

Torch Inlet Pressure: 18 psi (1.24 bar)

Kettle Main Burner Heating Capacity: Two (2) burners; each burner rated at 10,100 btu/hr (2.96kW)

Kettle Pilot Burner Heating Capacity: 3800 btu/hr (1.11kW)

IR Burner Heating Capacity: 14,000 btu/hr (4.10 kW)

Torch Heating Capacity (Maximum): 100,000 btu/hr (29.31kW)

Kettle Holding Capacity (Maximum): 300 lb (136 kg) (thermoplastic traffic marking compound materials)

Kettle Temperature (Maximum): 232C

Kettle Temperature (Operating): 193C - 216C 60 psi (4.14 bar)

Battery (Kettle Pilot Burner Igniter): AA (1.5 V)

Bead Hopper Capacity (Maximum): 36.3 kg


100mm / 4” Screed Die Extruder (P/N 256736)

150mm / 6” Screed Die Extruder (P/N 256737)

200mm / 8” Screed Die Extruder (P/N 256738)

300mm / 12” Screed Die Extruder (P/N 256739)

Double Line Screed Die Extruder 100mm – 100mm – 100mm / 4” – 4” – 4” (P/N 256799)

Double Line Screed Die Extruder 100mm - 75mm - 100mm / 4” - 3” - 4” (P/N 24B729)

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